About TRP

The Braille Institute Library Service's Telephone Reader Program (TRP) was first launched in 2000 with a Library Services and Technology Act Grant.  TRP is a regional element of a national network of programs offering similar services. It is a free service offered to all Braille Institute Library patrons residing in the 10 Southern California counties.  To find a Telephone Reader program near you, click here.

The difference between the Telephone Reader Program and similar services is that it uses human voices to record its publications while others rely on computer synthesized voices. In addition to providing national news publications, it also has a regional focus by offering local news publications from various counties.  Furthermore, TRP records a wide range of weekly circulars from grocery and pharmacy to clothing and department store ads.

In 2005 the Telephone Reader Program made a significant change to its line-up by targeting the Spanish-speaking community in Southern California. In doing so, it became the first Telephone Reader Program to provide service in a second language.

TRP's continued efforts to provide the best possible service to its subscribers and its leadership in providing a dual language service was officially recognized in 2007.  The Telephone Reader Program was chosen to receive the ASCLA/KLAS/NOD award.  This accolade is sponsored by the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), the Keystone Library Automation System (KLAS), and the National Organization on Disability (NOD).  The award offers a certificate and a $1000 prize to library organizations that provide exemplary and innovative service to people with disabilities.

TRP continues to evaluate the needs of its subscribers and make necessary additions to its service.  The Telephone Reader Program recently added Restaurant and Fast Food Menus to its collection as well as Old-Time Radio Shows and Music. Since some restaurants and especially fast food establishments do not offer large-print or Braille menus, TRP has that covered.  Coupled with needed publications and information, TRP also provides entertainment to its listeners.  Old-Time Radio Shows and Music have been well received by a majority of its subscribers.

Looking toward the future with a goal of reaching more subscribers of all ages, the Telephone Reader Program at the Braille Institute Library has developed this website.  Everything that is offered through its telephone service is available here, plus listeners will be able to download articles that have struck a chord with them.

The Telephone Reader Program strives to create independence one listener at a time.